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2009 Personal Income Tax Rates Calculator Canada

Personal Income Tax Calculator & Canadian Income Tax Rates Calculator 2009

Calculate your 2009 personal income tax combined federal and provincial tax bill in each province and territory of Canada. The calculator reflects known rates as of Janunary 10, 2009 and please also note that the personal income tax calculator doesn’t reflect the CPP and EI deductions or contributions for your 2009 personal income tax rates.

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2009 Income Tax Calculator

Tax Payable:
After Tax Income:
Average Tax Rate:
Marginal Tax Rate:

These values and rates give you a basic idea about how much tax you should pay and they are not guaranteed to be accurate. These For informational purposes only!

These calculations do not include non-refundable tax credits other than the basic personal tax credit. To determine the value of other non-refundable tax credits that may be available, see the Canadian income tax rates.