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EI Maximum 2009 | EI Deduction & Contribution

EI (Employment Insurance) Maximum for the Year 2009 Your rate of EI premiums (excluding employees working in the province of Quebec), for the 2009 taxation year remains at 1.73% of insurable earnings. The annual maximum insurable earnings have increased from $41,100 to $42,300. If you reached the maximum EI premiums during the previous year, you […]

CPP EI Maximum 2008 | CPP EI Rates, Deductions, Contributions

2008 CPP (Canada Pension Plan) and 2008 EI (Employment Insurance) CPP Maximum 2008 | CPP/QPP Rates and Deductions EI (Employment Insurance) Maximum 2008 2008 CPP/QPP Rates, Contributions and Deductions